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Youth Summer Camps

Maha'devii has been organizing Ananda Marga week long youth programs since 2003. Click here for information about this summer's program.

Building with Fibrous Cement

In 2001, Jyotisha, Maha'devii, and family, and Martin visited Mike McCain, one of the original pioneers in building with fibrous cement, in City of the Sun, New Mexico. This began our adventures in building with fibrous cement. We constructed a tow mixer and started building our first bricks. Here are pictures and information from our first projects.

This past year we built a 16 foot fibrous cement teepee and a 20 foot fibrous cement teepee.

Upcoming Events

We are planning to build more fibrous cement teepees, offer workshops in building with fibrous cement, as well as hosting yoga and meditation retreats. Individualized instruction in Ananda Marga spiritual practices is available. Email for more details or if you'd like us to keep you informed about our events.